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On Your Own; Aerobics Searches For A Star

''It's a combination of gymnastics and body building, and more men are becoming attracted to it.'' As a physical fitness officer in the Israeli Army, Janklowicz became a premier decathlete with aspirations of making the 1980 Olympic team. But his dream was shattered when he suffered a serious Achilles' tendon injury while training in California. Janklowicz got a job as an instructor at the Beverly Hills Health Club and later became the host of ''Bodies in view website Motion'' on ESPN. Today, Janklowicz's goal is simple: help bring aerobics to the level achieved by body building competitions years ago. ''If handled correctly, aerobics can get to that level,'' Janklowicz said. ''Before Arnold Schwarzenegger, body building was not known. I think aerobics needs a colorful person like http://jjansen.info/nauki-o-ziemi/this-particular-fitness-regimen-is-absolutely-will-make-wide-variety-a-person/ Schwarzenegger to win the national championship.'' http://tytbook.com/blog/73467/toughness-education-exercise-routines-for-little-ones/add-comment/ DeMaio hopes to be that person. He took up aerobics five years ago for the ''physical challenge.'' Now the sport has provided him with a competitive challenge, too.
Full story: http://www.nytimes.com/1988/08/08/sports/on-your-own-aerobics-searches-for-a-star.html

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