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Workout Wear Friday? No Sweat, Boss!

diet style='float:left;padding:5px' /> It started when she tried pairing her black workout pants with a skirt and boots one day in the office. "Every woman hates wearing tights, so I went for it," Siefert says. "Nobody noticed." The switch has made her more comfortable and productive when she's at work. It's also made her more likely to pop over to the studio to take a lunchtime class. "I only have other that hour. Work will notice if I'm gone for longer than that," says Siefert, who saves time by only changing her top. "It's one less step stopping you from working out." Increasingly, she's found out that other women are using the same technique, or sneaking a workout top under a visit the website sweater. So maybe Workout Wear Friday is already happening in secret. To really launch this movement, however, I need to find a company that will publicly get on board.
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