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Aerobics Instructors

"Don't punch the air" If you're an aerobics instructor, you may have first heard of potentially hazardous exercises and equipment while getting your certification. Most of the nation's instructors have taken a six-month training program because major gyms and workout centers often require it. Teachers webblog are expected to keep their skills up-to-date and get workout recertified every two years. (If you start out with other course training or a BA in physical education, the training time may be reduced.) The four biggest programs also offer continuing education, which allows instructors to go into personal training and other specialty areas that pay better wages. Despite the opportunities afforded by continuing education, having to master ever more demanding programs -- such as kickboxing -- can create problems unless instructors learn moved here how to protect themselves. "We'll still see teachers punch the air 60 times in a ballistic way," says Meg Jordan, RN, PhD author of The Fitness Instinct and editor of American Fitness, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America's (AFAA) magazine.
More http://consumer.healthday.com/encyclopedia/work-and-health-41/occupational-health-news-507/aerobics-instructors-646382.html

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